About the Citrus College Adult Education Consortium

Under laws that created the Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG), the California legislature has changed the funding and performance expectations for California adult education schools. Under AB86 and AB104 only the following types of institutions may be members in a consortium: a community college district, a K-12 district, a county education office, and a Joint Power Authority (JPAs). The Citrus College Adult Education Consortium was formed under the guidelines of AEBG so that member schools strategically work together to better serve adults in Claremont, Glendora, Azusa, Duarte, Monrovia and surrounding areas.

The Citrus College Adult Education Consortium has a mission to provide effective education programs and services to help all students achieve their career and educational goals.

The CCAEC values responsibility, efficiency, transparency, accountability, and institutional autonomy as members deliver quality programs for all adult learners.