CCAEC Members

Membership to the CCAEC is governed by and complies with all current California State legislation, specifically AB104 and AB86. Member institutions are afforded all rights and responsibilities as outlined by California legislation.

The Citrus College Adult Education Consortium has an Executive Board that is responsible for overall policy and direction of the consortium. The Board votes on issues that the CCAEC members deem critical to achieving the purpose of the CCAEC. The Board must make all reasonable efforts to include member, partner, and public input and dialogue when deliberating and voting upon issues put before the Board.

Each of the member organizations have a Representative that serves as a voting participant on the CCAEC Executive Board. Representatives are expected to know adult education and college systems, processes, and budgetary issues that could affect the consortium mission and planning efforts.

The members of the CCAEC include the listed institutions who are represented by the Board Representatives: